The 11th PVI is a Civil War reenactment group. Civil War reenacting is one of the most popular and exciting hobbies that people of all ages can pursue. This hobby takes you back in time to a period when life was made up of ideals. As a re-enactor you will witness the human side of the war as   Union soldiers meet Rebel soldiers in battle and fight and die for what they thought was right.

Wake up to a new day as you hear the sounds of "Reveille" played by the bugler. Smell the bacon, eggs and coffee cooking on an open fire. Feel the anticipation as the men prepare for the battle.

Camp.jpg (49473 bytes)

Sense the anticipation in the air as battle orders are read. Feel the excitement as the men in blue fall in -- marching to the beat of the drum with expectation of adventure and glory.

When the battle is over as you watch dinner being prepared reminisce about your experiences and share your observations about the status of the battle.

 To learn how to become a member of the 11th Click Here.



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