Preserve the UNION

11th PENNSYLVANIA Infantry Volunteers  Company "K"

Mustered into Service on April 26, 1861 for three months of service. Mustered into service again on September 16, 1861 for three years of service. On January 1, 1864 they re-enlisted as Veteran Volunteers and were mustered out July 1, 1865 after witnessing the surrender at Appomattox. The 11th PVI was the only Pennsylvania Regiment to maintain it's same Regimental Number in both Three months and Three Years Service.

The purpose of 11th PVI Company K is:

1.         To encourage and promote the study of the history of the American Civil War. Particularly the history of Company K through     the presentation of lectures and living history exhibits at various public places including, but not limited to, schools, parks, Civil War battle sites and museums. 2.        To participate in historically accurate reenactments of various Civil War battles and other such public displays, demonstrations, and/or lectures in order to educate and inform the general public.  Emphasis will be given to the organization, history, tactics, uniforms, military procedure, drill, music, food, weapons and other equipment of the Union Armies, in general, and Company K in particular. 3.        To reflect the highest and best standards of community service and historical authenticity in the conduct, dress, grooming, and equipment of all members of this organization. 4.        To provide honor guards and color guards in historically accurate Civil War uniforms and equipment for various patriotic and/or military ceremonies honoring American War Veterans, when requested by the sponsoring organization. 5.         To, at all times, conduct the affairs of Company K within the laws of the United States of America and the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Getting involved in Civil War reenacting is easier than one would think. By reading this web page, you have made the first step. Next you would want to fill out this form and/or contact one of the gentlemen listed below. Either way, we will then mail you our unit handbook, and answer any questions that you have.

Bob Dowler

Dave Dobbs


 Sam Weaver

112 Sugarbush Drive

831 Clouser Hollow RD


35 Orchard Lane

Latrobe, PA 15650

New Bloomfield Pa. 17068


Loysville, Pa. 17047

(724) 238-6237

(717) 582 8569



You may want to come visit us at either an event, or at our monthly meeting to see if you would like reenacting prior to buying a uniform.  You can find which events we will be at by looking at our events page. Our monthly meeting dates and times will be posted on the website soon.

To the new recruit interested in "getting out in the field" usually the first concerns are about the uniform. Please do not hesitate to ask questions.  After you have gotten this uniform, you can purchase other items if you wish. Try to complete your basic uniform as quickly as possible.

The basic uniform consists of:





Civil War reenacting is one of the most exciting hobbies that people of all ages can pursue. The realization that all the books you have read and all the movies you have seen on the battles of the Civil War canít compare with the actual experience of being there and fighting to save the Union with the "boys in blue."


The 11th is a family oriented unit. We encourage the participation of family members, but we realize that some families may not want to participate. We can assure you that at the end of the day, you men-folk will be happy and pleasantly tired. In camp, spouses and children should be attired in period clothes. One of our re-enactors sews dresses at minimal fee or can give you advice on making your own dresses. There are many activities for families to enjoy such as fashion shows, an invitation to tea time, watching the battle, shopping the Sutler shops, or helping to prepare meals. In the evening, there is always some form of entertainment such as a period dance.


The 11th recruits new members from all over southwestern Pennsylvania including Westmoreland, Fayette, Allegheny and Indiana Counties. Our membership dues are $25.00 a year which defrays the cost of reenacting fees, postage, purchasing equipment and supplies for our unit and social events which are held during the year.

A rifleman must be 16 years of age or older. If you are 16 or 17 years old and are sponsored by a member of the 11th, you may carry a rifle. Under the age of 16 you may want to portray a drummer boy, fifer, steward, messenger, etc.


The 11th is a democratic organization. Everyone has a say, and every member can vote on all issues that affect the unit. We have an elected board of directors who run the unit and are made up of civilians and non-ranking military. The officers are responsible for running the military part of the unit including recommendation for promotion. We have one meeting a month usually held on a Sunday. Remember that you will not be pressured. You can attend as many or as few events as you choose. For families we offer friendship and a fun filled weekend. For fellow re-enactors, we offer action and excitement as they fight the great Civil War battles and enjoy camaraderie with our fellow re-enactors.

Please remember that this is just the basics. Any member of our unit will be more than happy to assist you with any questions that you would have.

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